2011 Year in Review (Part 3 of 3)

PDEC Recent News

This is Part III, a review of PDEC news and specific issues in our work. PDEC folks and companies are highlighted in bold.

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  • Forrester Research Report covers Personal Identity Management
  • Startup Circle News
  • Startup Circle Company News
  • World Economic Forum update

Forrester Research Report covers Personal Identity Management
The Forrester Report releases a report on Personal Identity Management. PDEC was among 14 organizations/companies interviewed for the report including other Startup Circle members: Azigo, Singly/The Locker Project, Personal. Read the report here, or download it from Personal’s website.

Startup Circle News:

  • The Startup Circle Grows to 19 as Qiy and Synergetics joined! See our post here.
  • Inquiries from potential members are increasing. If you are interested in joining, see our website to learn more.

PDEC Startup Circle members met with Privacy Commissioner of Ontario before IIW

Dinner with Ann Cavoukian, Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

(L-R: Kaliya Hamlin – Executive Director PDEC, Markus Sabadello – Project Danube, Drummond Reed – Connect.me, Mike Schwartz – Gluu, Michelle Chibba – Director of Policy with office of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian – Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (standing), Jason Cavnar – Sing.ly (standing), Shane Green – Personal (standing), Henrik Biering – Peercraft, Joe Andrieu – Switchbook, Mary Hodder – Chair PDEC, Iain Henderson – The Customer’s Voice. Missing from picture Lindsay Crittendon – Sing.ly who also attended.)

Ann Cavoukian is well known for her Privacy by Design initiative and was in San Francisco to speak at Web 2.0 Summit, held concurrently with IIW. PDEC arranged a dinner with the Startup Circle companies and Cavoukian for the Sunday prior to the conferences. The conversation was wide ranging and those present had a chance to share how they were building privacy-by-design into their core business and technical architectures. We also discussed the challenges in the ecosystem and how she would support privacy-by-design initiatives.

Startup Circle: Company News

  • The MiData Initiative was announced by the UK government with Midex actively involved as one of 26 organizations leading the charge on this.
  • Singly launched their developer platform at Web 2.0 in October, 2011.
  • Personallaunched their beta service on November 17, 2011 with coverage here:

World Economic Forum update:
October 4-5, 2011 – NYC
The Rethinking Personal Data project of the World Economic Forum telecommunications group continues to work toward understanding how the market will develop for personal data. Kaliya Hamlin and several startup circle members attended WEF meetings in New York City on October 4-5, prior to the STL Event October 5-6th.

WEF group members are actively working on developing a potential framework of how personal data can be shared when derived in different forms. PDEC members, along with Kaliya Hamlin and Mary Hodder, continue to work on the monthly calls with WEF toward a report release in the Spring, 2012.

Informal Talk at SWIFT headquarters
November 2 – Brussels
Kaliya Hamlin took advantage of being in Brussels to visit the headquaters of SWIFT and gave a talk at lunchtime to over 100 employees. She practiced her TED talk and went on to share some of the key aspects of the ecosystem.

PDEC Technology Survey Underway
The Internet Society has stepped up to fund the technology survey begun by Markus Sabadello at IIW. We are starting with the companies in PDEC and because of their funding we can likely extend the first part of the survey to another dozen others beyond that. Results will be published publicly and a report written and released in February.

PDEC Technology Bulletin is Beginning in January
Growing out of this survey will be “The Data Point” (our current name for it) a monthly Bulletin with the first issue coming out in January. It is a “better then free” service that will draw largely on public mailing lists of standards and technical activity. It will be published monthly. The pricing is 2,200 Euro’s or $3000 per year. Please contact us if you would like to see a preview and/or subscribe.

PDEC offers On-Site Workshops on Personal Data
This program grew out of conversations with people from large companies at IIW who were clear that a key next step for their companies moving into this area would be greater knowledge of the space. Kaliya Hamlin has developed a day long workshop and is presenting it for the first time to a major company at their campus in Silicon Valley on December 6th. People interested in this workshop for their company should contact us.

Future Events
Leveraging Open Identity and Personal Data Theme of IIW-Satellite DC, January 17th, 2012 Kaliya Hamlin will be co-facilitating the day, a great opportunity to connect with two different kinds of projects. 1) Those being driven by US Government innovations including NSTIC. 2) Personal Data tools and services that are naturally happening in the market place. If you have questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can register and see who has signed up to attend on the registration page. We also offer a 15% discount with the code “PersonalData”.

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